French media: Voting on amendments to the Constitution — is a farce

French media called the vote on the amendments to the Constitution as a “farce” and saw it as a “conservative turn” of Moscow.

according Mediapart, in just a few days before the vote, Patriarch Kirill together with defense Minister Sergei Shoigu officially opened the new Church of the Armed forces in Moscow.

“the Alliance of the Orthodox Church, the army and history — a perfect symbol of the atmosphere prevailing today in Russia,” — says the author.

the article in Le Figaro notes that the vote is “a rather vague legal status.”

“This is not a referendum in the strict sense of the word. Voting is optional, because the changes have long been approved by Parliament,” writes the author.

“In the regions, local authorities took the initiative for the construction of improvised polling stations in the streets, in parks for children and even shopping carts”, — said Ouest France. In addition, the output of the polling stations voters give lottery tickets on which you can win discounts in shops, cars and apartments.

In Sulu and foremost, a journalist for Le Monde noticed the persistence of regional authorities in Russia “to submit to vote of officials, administrations or state enterprises and members of their families.”

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