Météo-France describes for Friday a weather still agitated on the whole of France, except on a small north-west quarter, with rains and stormy showers locally intense, accompanied by a risk of hail and gusts of wind, in particular in the Rhône valley, in Provence, Rhône-Alpes and on the Jura.

Early Friday morning, Météo-France predicted that the weather would remain choppy in the afternoon from Provence to Alsace-Lorraine with many stormy showers. A lull will be felt in the evening. On the shores of the Mediterranean, only a few showers will be possible.

On the western half, showers in places thundery will occur. On the Atlantic coast, the sky will be variable. In Brittany a new morning disturbance will give rainy weather.

These rains will extend from the Pays de Loire to Normandy, while clearings will return in the afternoon on the tip of Brittany.

The minimums will be between 13 and 17 degrees in general, 18 to 22 degrees on the shores of the Mediterranean. The maximum will show 18 to 21 degrees over Brittany, 22 to 26 degrees over the country, up to 26 to 30 degrees in the South-East.