From 4 to 7 July in the South-West of Moscow will limit movement of cars

In connection with the closing of the stations Prokshino, “Filatov lug”, “alder” and “Kommunarka” the Sokolnichesky line of the underground movement of private vehicles in the South-West of the city limit, to provide priority to public transport.

Plot the “red” branch will be closed for passengers from 4 to 6 July. To the smooth operation of the Moscow compensatory routes and buses of the regional Centre of road traffic organization physically marginalize 7.8 km of dedicated lanes on the access road to the PPR “Salar”, the section of the road Solntsevo — Butovo — Vidnoye between the Kiev and Kaluga highway in the area of metro station “Kommunarka”, the understudy of the Kaluga highway in the area of the stop “Metro alder”. Taxi drivers on dedicated lanes these days to put too will not be.

Also in the South-West will limit movement of cars on the shoulder of the road Solntsevo-Butovo-Prominent in front of the Projected passage № 907, and the Projected passage № 905 front street Salariesa. The restrictions will apply one of the two bands.

At the site Klareskog street from proyektiruyemy proyezd No. 905 to the road Solntsevo-Butovo-Vidnoye will prohibit Parking. Will also be closed the second Congress to the territory of the shopping center “Salaris” when moving from the ramp from Spring street.

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