From fruit to cheese: scientists have named products that can not eat bananas

great harm to the body can cause eating bananas with a seemingly familiar products.

As the portal Sohu, such products physicians include almost all kislomolochny — from yogurt to cottage cheese, but this is only for people with problems of the stomach and spleen.

With the simultaneous use of these products food lingers in the digestive tract and can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other problems.

Even some types of fruits and vegetables do not get along with a banana, for example, hemijska melon. Both fruits are rich in potassium ions, the excess of which can lead to weakness of the heart muscle, kidney failure, joint disease and reducing the frequency of heart contractions.

Not recommended to use bananas with sweet potato, so this can hinder digestion.

it is also Noted that bananas is better not to store in the refrigerator, as the cold they lose their nutritional properties.

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