From Pokrovskaya hospital in St. Petersburg, fired the doctor, who accused the leadership of lack of PPE for physicians

the intercession Of St. Petersburg hospital fired the doctor-anesthesiologist Sergei sapina who had coronavirus and publicly accused the chief physician of the Marina Baholdina that it does not provide personnel protection. The reasons for dismissal Sayapin said in his video on YouTube.

“I went to work in Pokrovskaya hospital, and on the same day was fired. According to the article “Provision of false document when applying for a job” in 2012, — said Sergey Sayapin. — It turned out that the certificate of qualification, which I received in 2010 for his account was a little “crooked”. Or not given at all. But in 2010, I signed the contract and paid in cash with receipt. Of course, after 10 years of supporting document on hand there, especially since he has five years. In 2015 I have already received a new certificate of qualification. But the formal occasion was received, and I got fired”.

Sergei Sayapin said that he was offered to get a job in another St. Petersburg hospital, which is now treating patients with coronavirus infection. The doctor has already accepted the offer and worked a few shifts at the new location.

Recall, coronavirus Sergei sapina confirmed at the end of April. On 17 April he recorded a video message in which he said that the responsibility for infection employees Pokrovskaya hospital with coronavirus responsible chief physician Marina Bakholdina, because it is, according to sapina, did not provide staff with personal protective equipment.

In may, a working Committee of the intercession of the hospital officially recognized the resuscitator affected by infection with coronavirus in the workplace. However, according to documents the administration of medical institutions in the contamination allegedly not guilty, as Sayapin contracted before the conversion of the hospital.

Later in the Internet appeared the petition with the requirement to dismiss the chief physician of the intercession of the hospital Marina Baldachino. The authors believe that Bezdenthe action leader allegedly led to acute staffing crisis in the hospital, and the infection of staff and patients. The petition was supported by more than 2 thousand people.

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