Paris would be it becoming the capital of the world of cine-concerts? Still disdained by the orchestras and halls institutional ten years ago, these representations that allow the audience to experience the film on a large screen, while musicians perform music live on stage, have spread like wildfire. Evidenced by the news of the beginning of the year.

After you have done packed room in the Seine river Musical for three performances, thanks to the presence of its composer Justin Hurwitz to the stick, and its director, Damien Chazelle in the room, The Land comes to tour in the Zenith region. At the same time, the saga of Star Wars , including the music of John Williams resonate in the minds of millions of movie-goers, settled down today to the Philharmonie de Paris, for four ciné-concerts brought up in march by the national Orchestra of Ile-de-France. A first in the capital.


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