From the arrested Russian officer-millionaire still has not confiscated the gold bars and a collection of watches

the leadership of the Russian Prosecutor General’s office asked the court in Moscow to withdraw the state property, property of the General of the Federal customs service Alexander Kizlyk, those caught in corruption. To consider the claim will be Russian Meshchansky court, writes “MK”.

Kiselica, whom the media called “customs-millionaire”, found $600 million and 600 thousand Euro, icons, jewelry, two gold, one silver, and luxury watches and fountain pens cost of 32 million rubles, While the annual earnings of the lover of the beautiful life barely exceeding 3 million rubles.

Alexander Kizlyk headed to the TCF management investigation and inquiry. In the same case of abuse of authority are his Deputy, Alex Silver, and deputies chiefs Domodevskaya and Vnukovo customs.

it is a high-ranking officer of the FCS is considered from December, Kizlik remanded in custody. The investigative Committee believes that it helped to evade responsibility for smuggling the wife of the Ambassador of Russia in Kenya.