“Then go over there!” This advice got in the Cold war those to often hear, expressed in West Germany or West Berlin understanding of the GDR, or only in principle, the order of the Federal Republic of Germany in doubt moved. The least of them were actually “over there”, namely on the other side of the Iron curtain.

Between 1949 and 1989 moved a total of a little more than half a Million people have their permanent residence from the West to the East, the vast majority of, however, until the construction of the Berlin wall; from 1962 to 1989, there were only about 70,000. For comparison: In the four decades of the GDR, approximately 3.8 million people from the East went to the West, after 1962 480.000 opinions, after all, the dangers of escape, or were able to, almost always after considerable harassment by means of a departure application in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Nevertheless, the immigrant numbers were in the GDR is so high that the SED guidelines issued. According to the pressure note the “fact sheet for West German citizens to settle in the GDR,” in 1962. It was probably issued by the Ministry of interior of the GDR and in the Federal Republic of Germany distributed this kind of fell in East Germany in the area of “West work”.

was Responsible for the National Front of democratic Germany (NF), which was renamed in 1973 in the National Front of the GDR. It was a merger of parties and mass organisations, not a stand-alone mass organization. Since its founding in 1950 until the wall was built in 1961, the NF presented itself as a pan-German movement and took part to important national and international events.

In this first Phase, an extensive “Operational work to West Germany” at the heart of the work of the NF, which was, however, the General Public is hardly aware. So there were plenty of contacts to different prosozia list of organizations and left-wing movements in the Federal Republic of Germany, but also close personal contacts. The stock in the Federal archive contains more than a hundred files from the period of 1950 to 1973, with reports of NF-cadres, analyses and statements about the “Occur in WD”. Overall, the extant documents of the national Council of the National Front include about 350 linear metres, with about 7000 files; they are currently being catalogued and can be searched via the database Invenio.

According to the 13. August 1961, moved the functions of the NF gradually more in the direction of inner-political stability. Now organized as a figurehead of “socialist democracy,” the elections in the GDR. You should ensure the consent of all layers of the population to the policies of the SED, was at the same time, but also the carrier, for example, the movement “more Beautiful, our cities and communities – get in on this!”.

this is Exactly the time between the two phases of the National Front, the “fact sheet”. Obviously, it should potential Emigrants take the worry of your projects are hindered by bureaucratic hurdles. In fact, it was almost an invitation.

the West German could “go to a border check-point at the state border between the German Democratic Republic and West Germany” and “the employees of our public institutions of their intention, in the German democratic Republic, Berlin” present. Reassuringly, it continued: “A special residence permit do not need you.” In fact, it was, therefore, a very broad right of asylum.

However, the SED demanded to know, who is sought for because of the recording: “To facilitate concrete requirements, we ask you, all of the existing identity and work papers with you.” For the further approach it was stated in the “notice”, the resettlement-willing citizens of West Germany would “temporarily in one of the designated homes”. Here are all of the other details could be discussed “with staff of our public institutions” – especially with the Stasi.

what is Interesting is the comparison with the time the same rules applied for citizens of the GDR in the Federal Republic of Germany. According to the basic law, was allowed, and every German is allowed to choose his place of residence within the Federal territory freely, without condition. Accordingly, no East Germans in the West had to obtain any permits. Nevertheless, there were recording facilities in Berlin-Marienfelde, as well as in Giessen (Hessen) and Uelzen (lower Saxony).

From the successful completion of the conducted procedure of any kind of residence is not conditional permission for East Germans in the Federal Republic of Germany, but only the integration into the social system. GDR refugees, the refusal to take part in the emergency procedures, got a West German passport, but no rehabilitation assistance or other supports.

of Course, in the “instruction sheet” is not that in the GDR changed persons were monitored by the Stasi-intensive. But since the lion’s share of immigrants, depending on the estimate, two-thirds to three-quarters, were actually returnees, most of what they were getting into. The National Front took over again for the SED, the task is to place the Immigrants silently and without any stir in socialism.

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