From the hospital in the Rostov region kidnapped baby

Stolen last night in the Rostov region baby investigators quickly returned to her mother.

on the night of July 25 in the Sal hospital had kidnapped the baby. About the abduction to law enforcement bodies informed the assistant of the maternity hospital Natalya Ivanova. She said that at 3:15 a.m. to a medical facility through the window was an unidentified man and kidnapped a newborn boy patient Natalia Rostovoj. Grabbing the baby, the attacker fled in an unknown direction.

Almost during the day he conducted the search for the missing child. In the end, police managed to locate and detain the thief. She was 40-the summer inhabitant of Kalmykia. She was hiding the kidnapped child in a rented apartment. The reason for the abduction was the miscarriage kidnapper. After him she went on the offense. With a kidnapped baby she was going to go to Asalto.

In the relation zloumyshlennitsy criminal case under article “Kidnapping”.

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