Sergey Shnurov in an ironic form commented on the statement of producer Joseph Prigogine on “monstrous” the situation of artists during the period of quarantine. The musician wrote a poem and posted it to Instagram.

“From the tops cooking meals?

the Bark already eat?

Sirotinushka you our

quite Thin I suppose?”, — bitingly remarked Cords and added:

“Truth to cover a lie

After the artist got in trouble!

let’s help the people of God,

whatever they can for food.”

the Final lines contain no less than of irony.

“No, we’re not that close,

But stretched hand.

Sending you sausage

“Pyaterochka”. Bye.”

his Post for an hour already gained more than 74 thousand likes.

earlier, the producer and husband of singer Valeria Prigogine said that artists in the period of the pandemic was in a terrible position. He told “Evening Moscow”, that “even the first dozen of the most popular stars today, almost a curse, because they all lost the ability to earn”. Artists are forced to “eat away what was possible at the time to save,” added the producer. According to him, artists, like other citizens, pay taxes and the government should return money to them if they are in a difficult situation and need support.

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