Three months ago that his country is sinking every week more in the crisis. At the Venice film Festival, the filmmaker in hong kong Yonfan has estimated Monday that “Pandora’s box” was “open” in the former british colony with the current political crisis, but that he had “hope” that the situation would “return to normal” quickly.

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The director of the 71-year-old, who presents in competition at Venice, No. 7 Cherry Lane , an animated film telling a story of love, sensual and elegant, has expressed his “love for hong Kong”, “a wonderful place” where we can “smell the scent of freedom”, during the press conference for the film.

While his film takes place in 1967, during the riots between the pro-communists and the government that had occurred in this territory for several months, causing 51 deaths, the filmmaker stressed that the fact that he is presenting today was “a coincidence”, but that “History tends to repeat itself”.

“upside down”

The filmmaker has compared the anger currently directed against Beijing, to that of 1967, which had shaken the british colonizers. Fanned against the colonial power by the chinese communist Party, the movement of 1967 had degenerated during seven months in the street battle between militant leftists and the forces of order, in a flood of violence.

“in The month of may (1967, editor’s note) , we began to have these riots, and hong Kong has been turned upside-down”,-he told. “But strangely, after six months, this movement (of revolt) has disappeared”. “Fifty-two years later, I have the impression that there is a new” energy that “puts hong Kong upside down”, he continued. “I just hope that this force disappears as in 1967, and that hong Kong can return to normal,” he said, wishing “the best for hong Kong”.

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The former british colony has enjoyed since three months, its most severe political crisis since the handover in 1997, with actions almost daily to denounce the growing interference of China in the internal affairs of this semi-autonomous region.