In French service stations, diesel sold at an average price of 1.8611 euros per liter, or 4.48 cents less than the previous week, according to figures from the Ministry of Energy Transition stopped Friday and published Monday .

Unleaded 95 gasoline lost 2.63 cents, displayed at the pump at 1.7565 euros per liter on average, and unleaded 95-E10 was down 3.62 cents, sold at an average price national price of 1.7152 euro per litre.

Prices at the pump have tended to fall since mid-October, even if they rose temporarily in mid-November after the drop in rebates from the State and TotalEnergies on a liter of fuel. Now 10 cents each, they will remain in effect until December 31.

For 2023 the government plans targeted aid for certain motorists “who are struggling to make ends meet”, said Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal, without providing further details.

Globally, Brent North Sea and US WTI oil prices have both fallen around 14% since early November due to economic uncertainties and the auguring resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic in China. of a possible fall in activity, and therefore in demand, in the country.