laughter mingled with the tears on Monday for the funeral in Paris, the filmmaker’s iconoclastic Jean-Pierre Mocky, who died Thursday at the age of 90 while he was still working on a film project. Personalities of the show, companions of his films, but also simple fans gathered in the church of Saint-Sulpice of Life district of Paris.

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In addition to the minister of culture, Franck Riester, many actors have made the move, like Michael Lonsdale, Dominique Lavanant, Agnès Soral, Dominique Pinon, Daniel Russo, Benoit Magimel, Henri Guybet, Bernard Menez, Daniel Prevost, or even Elsa Zylberstein. The singers, Richard Gotainer, Tom November and the composer Vladimir Cosma have also taken place in the church.

In the book Figaro , her children had invited its fans to “come to send him a goodbye happy rather than mourn his death.” The coffin entered the vast church while an organ grinder played including “Paris Jadis”, and an ode to Paris popular.

“filming with him was a pleasure,” said Dominique Lavanant, who has starred in several films of the director. BERTRAND GUAY/AFP

“It was provocative and thoughtful, everything and its opposite! Shooting with him was a pleasure. He knew how to go on tip-toe while yelling from time to time”, said Dominique Lavanant. Former chaplain of artists, father Philippe Desgens welcomed the coffin of pale wood, emphasizing that the mother of Jean-Pierre Mocky, a catholic, had been baptized. It was decidedly “a funny parishioner,” he added, referring to one of his favorite films.

father Jean-Loup Lacroix noted that “behind the provocative, there is a man of great sensitivity”. “It is time that I stop before you hear screaming from up there, not “engine”, but “cut” it,” he concluded with a sense of humor, triggering laughter.

“Funny parishioner”, “awesome”, “king of the do-it-yourselfers”

in The name of his children, his daughter Olivia Mokiejewski has hailed “a critical look who woke up in a sanitized world”. “He had us convinced that he would live a hundred years to make films. Nothing was normal with him.” If it was “not really a father and a husband”, it was “great”. She noted that they “were not dressed in black,” and that, in his coffin, himself had wanted him to put “an orange vest, a hat, a pants mesh and a pair of boxers Playboy”.

His son, Stanislas Nordey and his daughter Olivia Mokiejewski were obliged to send him a “goodbye merry”. BERTRAND GUAY/AFP

a number of witnesses have raised his character of “king of the do-it-yourselfers” who did touch everything, calling each by his name, even if he could the process of “cons”. “Its about without the language of wood has closed a few doors,” noted one of them.

The developer would then have to be buried in the cemetery Priory Black Saint-Prix in the Val d’oise, in the most strict intimacy.