The latest video from the channel CopyComic has made the hit obviously. When asked by Radio Canada , Louise Richer, director of the national School of humor in Montreal, and it seems to very to rise against the French comedian who has also canadian nationality and moroccan. “We’re going to throw the stigma on Gad Elmaleh Quebec,” she says. If France has no code of honor regarding appropriation of the jokes of others, it seems that in North America, we do not mess at all with the plagiarism.

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The Brothel Comedy Club of Montreal is as well in charge of understanding to Gad Elmaleh. The comic will now be forbidden to perform on the cabaret stage, and even to attend the performance of his colleagues. Scene that he had had the opportunity of treading in the past. A drastic measure “to protect the entertainers and the creators”, has briefly explained the Comedy Club on his Twitter page.

Charles Deschamps, co-founder of this hall and show himself a comedian, says he is “stunned” by these videos, even though he was aware of “rumours” that he hoped to be unfounded. In an interview with the Duty , he explains that this decision aims to ensure that the beginners in the safety of their gags, so they can test them on the scene of the Brothel, and then decide whether or not to keep “to do later”.

“We come to the Brothel to test jokes (jokes, ED ) for our shows,” says Martin Small, comical quebecois regular visitor to the establishment, to The Press . “This is a good decision. It is a copier, conscious or insconscient, it must not be put in a situation where he can voluntarily or not end up in this way.”

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Gad Elmaleh is expected Monday, February 4, salle Wagram, Paris, to receive a Crystal Globe of Honour. A trophy that rewards the whole of his career. “We have not changed to decision. For us, it’s a non-issue. Twenty-five years, Gad Elmaleh fights. He made everything alone, completion, production, and entertainment and it succeeds as a person in France and the United States. And it is the whole of his career, his filmography, that we celebrate,” said Sandra Rudich, the producer of the ceremony of the Globes de Cristal, in charge once the organization of Caesar at Canal +. Before adding: “We have the conviction that he is a great artist and we assume.”