“It is our reputation we the French. It is known in the world for stealing the jokes of the people!”, said Yassine Belattar to the team of the Eye of The 20h of France 2. In October 2017, the stand-up French was challenged by a video from the YouTube channel CopyComic, which highlighted various loans of several comedians French to their colleagues in other countries more or less distant. Posted Monday, a new video youtubeur anonymous has surfaced.

This time, a single target and not least: Gad Elmaleh, a comedy favorite of the French, already targeted there is a year and a half. At the time which falls quite wrong for the comedian who is to receive the February 4, at the fourteenth award ceremony of the Crystal Globes, Globe of honour for “his entire career”, “salle Wagram” in Paris.

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In this new video, the duration of which reached almost fourteen minutes, the same format of comparison is used as in the previous ones. In the introduction, this question: “Coincidence, or plagiarism?!” To the left of the screen, the video from the comic to the origin of a valve. To the right, that of Gad Elmaleh, who takes the text, the facial expressions, the movements, or even all three at once. And to contextualize it a little bit more extracts compared, the names of the alleged victims followed by the date of their performance, as well as a translation of the skits foreigners.

An american career in danger?

Scroll this way comedians French as Dieudonné, Titoff, or Eric Fraticelli (Pido). In an excerpt from the program “With or without a filter” on France 3 Corse, the latter returns to its valve “This is the door open to all windows”, and how Gad Elmaleh is appropriate, first in a sketch with Jamel Debbouze and Omar Sy, and then in The Truth If I Lie in 2001. “It is he who called me each time saying, “Excuse me, it came out like that’.’ But in fact, the force of the know, it was discovered that it was doing this with a lot of other comedy.” Appear as American as George Carlin and Steven Wright. Among the specialties that have made the success of Gad Elmaleh, his talents of guitarists put in the service of his shows. Here, too, we find that a pan of his famous skit, musical and expressive on The other, it is me (2005) is heavily inspired by another american, Dana Carvey, in a performance dating back to the 90s.

Finally, the mysterious “Ben” at the helm of CopyComic can come back in the last minutes of his video on the appearance in February 2018 Gad Elmaleh on the set of a Daily basis. The actor was back on the plagiarism of a sketch of Jerry Seinfeld which accused the compilation of the most shared YouTube channel. Explanations that do not seem to have convinced the creator. Unlike in France, the comedians in the United States abide by a code of honor that prohibited anyone who would be tempted by plagiarism. “A thief of valves sees his career broken, he has ethics, while in France, it goes alone”, explained to “Ben” in the journal 20 minutes two years ago. At the beginning of the month of January, Gad Elmaleh won yet his first american prize for his show in English the American Dream, produced and distributed by the streaming platform Netflix.

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This latest video about Gad Elmaleh should be followed in the coming weeks a second, also dedicated to the “Darling” of the French. Michel Leeb and Tomer Sisley have also been the subject of a compilation is divided into two parts on the chain. If these two compilations may be a little more to hurt the reputation of the comedian with his French audience, they can be seriously jeopardized his career across the Atlantic.

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