More than two months after the accusations of plagiarism of CopyComic, the comedian is finally risky to give explanations. The comic franco-moroccan had previously tried to justify himself with a sense of humor, using his character a fan Favourite in a short video. Tuesday, at the microphone of Europe 1, Gad Elmaleh has removed his wig and lipstick and has resumed his seriousness.

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“My job is stand-up comedian is not just a list of jokes,” says the actor, currently on scene in The Invitation . What I propose, it is a look, a vision of the world, it is a universe.” According to him, if people accuse him of plagiarism, it is because they misunderstand the work of humorist, “they don’t know how it works.”

declaring Himself an observer of everyday life, Gad Elmaleh explains to use as a point of departure for his dramatizations of the events, trivial and common of life of all days . “Is it that you have already put something in the microwave, you have done a warm up at the end of four minutes you take it out, the dish is hot and inside is cold. This is not an invention,” he says, explaining that other clubs international had also made this observation. “This is not the same valve, it is an observation that does not belong to anyone. It is a starting point. After free to you to say what you want out of it,” is justified there.

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This was not the point of view of the youtubeur at the helm of CopyComic. For the internet user who calls himself Ben, the functioning of Gad Elmaleh is more insidious than that. According to him, “gaderies” of the humorist is to take a sketch of someone else, and the”improve, add details, reverse a little the things, or even the change of time or place”. Thus, the “dressing is changed, but the essence is still there.”, he adds. His two videos of fourteen minutes have convinced the Brothel Comedy Club of Montreal, who forbade him to rest a foot on the cabaret stage, as well as to many web users. Twitter has himself given the reason in youtubeur, so that the humorist had made a call to his lawyers, and the network removes its videos.

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Despite the controversy, Gad Elmaleh has received an honorary award for his entire career at Crystal Globes. He also found solace in the words of his colleague, Kev Adams, who says he is 100% on his side. In front of the host of the Europe 1, the comic explains that these charges are less unfair than “normal”. “You want to fly high, far, fast, and there is turbulence. Like my mother would say “You want to do the tour of the world, you want to go with Jimmy Fallon and you (…) want to say congratulations and that they’ll leave you alone?””, “he tells us. Remains to be seen whether this speech will be to convince. Internet users expect from one moment to the other, a new message CopyComic.

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Gad Elmaleh on the accusations of plagiarism : “An observation belongs to no one” – Watch on Figaro Live