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Gad Elmaleh, his accomplices, his next targets… The confidences of Ben, alias CopyComic

He won in a few months as the avenger of YouTube, the comedians plagiarized. The Sunday Newspaper unveiled yesterday in his column an exclusive interview of Ben, behind the YouTube channel CopyComic. Providing, the man who would only use a pseudonym and spoke with our colleagues by email. The man has denied any meeting and any exchange phone.

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it is Impossible to know who is behind this man that creates every time that it is the “buzz” on social networks. This was the case in October and then last February when he released a video of Gad Elmaleh plagiarizing Jerry Seinfeld. Last June, Sandra Sisley, wife of Tomer Sisley, himself accused by CopyComic that makes talking about the youtubeur: she is convinced that Baptiste Lecaplain and Kheiron behind him.

comedians accomplices

In this interview, Ben reveals that he has chosen the name “short and practical, used in English as in French,” and admits “not to have thought of the damage it would cause to the clubs bearing this name.” CopyComic seems to be fooled by person and is not attained by those who qualify as’comedian geezer”.

“I’ve noticed that this accusation is often made by those who want that nothing changes, analysis Ben. To discredit the merits by addressing the form, for not to speak of the message by focusing on the messenger. To be anonymous is the guideline that I set from the beginning, to have neither advantage nor disadvantage with all of this”.

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Ben is alone, or almost. If he is the only person to be behind CopyComic, the youtubeur reveals the benefit of using clubs of which he was the names. “This ensures that nothing so: nor that we are talking about, nor the content of our discussions”, he says.

“I exchange, in writing, with a fifty comedians, reveals Ben. Sometimes just for a few words, sometimes to verify information. They come from all walks of life. I tend to keep quiet about those who have the kindness to dare to talk to me”. However, the masked avenger of YouTube says that it will not spare its sources if they are plagiarism and is even denounced some of them.

“Several pending files”

Already at the origin of a twenty denunciations, CopyComic does not stop in so good way. And if he refuses to tell the JDD who will be his next “victims”, Ben claims to have “files waiting”, without knowing if he will publish the videos or not. “I often decides to publish the video only a few days before,” says the youtubeur.

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And when the weekly asks him if he is worried about the twist-judicial has taken up the matter with Gad Elmaleh, Ben isn’t worried. On the contrary, it is “serene” and even appear to have fun.

“can You imagine a lawsuit between Gad Elmaleh and me? This would be funny, lance CopyComic. The reality is, I am convinced, is that he does not want to go that far, but use the means of justice to obtain my identity. He had announced a new single stage for the end of 2019. It seems to have plenty of time to spare instead of writing.”

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