The recent accusations of plagiarism do not appear to affect Gad Elmaleh. “He still has twenty-five years in the business behind him,” justifies his entourage. That confirms it: the comedian will receive a crystal Globe of honour for the whole of his career tonight. “It comes out of three years of touring around the world with American Dream “, recalls Sébastien, his manager. And this show taught in English has just won the Best Comedy Special Award.

Even Jerry Seinfeld, the “model” of Gad Elmaleh that you accused him of copy, congratulated him. “There are a few prizes in France, which reward the comic. What struck the Americans, this is the approach of a French speaking who learns English for three years, coming out of his comfort zone and tries to outdo each other,” observes the actor who comes out of a repeat of The Invitation , a comedy of Hadrian Raccah, which will be given at The Théâtre de la Madeleine (from 3 April).

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