The America is alive and well conquered by Gad Elmaleh. The French comedian has just received its first american prize for his show in English American Dream , the Comedy Special of the Year at the Comedy Awards organised by the the questions asked Bang. Produced and distributed on Netflix, the show is nearly an hour minutes sifting obsessions food of America, the codes love, slang..

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“I feel so proud and grateful. Thank you all for your votes. Thank you to Netflix for having believed in this project from crazy from the start,” he wrote on Instagram with a photo of his show. Gad Elmaleh can indeed be proud to have scooped the stars of the humour in America, including John Mulaney, Chris Rock or Hannah Gadsby.

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What a great way to start 2019. I feel so proud and thankful. Thank you all for your votes. Thank you @Netflix @netflixisajoke who believed in this crazy project from day 1. Thank you @theinterrobang @gadelmalehmania I love you#americandreamJe me feel so proud and so grateful.Thank you all for your votes. Thank you to @Netflix for having believed in this crazy project since the start. Thank you @theinterrobang Gad bless @gadelmalehmania #americandream

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Available on the platform since march, the show recorded live in the hall of the Town Hall in New York, he was offered a royal road to the tv sets, including the famous ” Tonight Show of Jimmy Fallon. The facilitator of the us, has received a lesson of hipped moroccan offering a sequence memorable to its audience.

on the French Side, Gad Elmaleh will make his grand return to the stage, in April, with The Invitation , where he plays Charlie “the imaginary friend” invented by his colleague as an alibi to be able to deceive his wife in peace. Until that madame, not quite convinced, asks to meet him.