LE FIGARO. – The shooting of the film adaptation of your book Little Country was completed a few weeks ago. What role have you played?

Gaël FAYE. – I had a very informal and at the same time, I hope, very important. I met a lot of producers and directors. Eric Barbier, which I had seen the movie The Promise of the Dawn , has convinced me. We worked together on the screenplay, the scouting, the casting, the archives… From my side, I brought along the information that he could not have – the Burundi 1990’s is very well-documented -I was able to bring him to the living matter to build a realistic context. It has taught me a new grammar, a new way of writing. How does one move from a novel to a screenplay and then a movie. It was fabulous to see this process, with the frustrations that there are (laughter) . The novel, it is the absolute freedom, whereas in cinema, there are choices to make, every scene has a …

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