there is nothing surprising, then, that the women and men of the theatre are fascinated by Salvador Dali. The character itself is a huge actor. He put his life in the scene as others put their lives on the game. This fascination can take different forms. It is, for example, a pleasure for an actor to be the head of the great painter and to show his superb moustache. Play, it is sometimes also disguise themselves. And the children that are often the actors, and the great painters love it.

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This is yet another option that has been chosen Mathilde Aurier. His piece is not short after no realism, but seeks to recapture the spirit, the freedom and the madness of Dali. There has thus been a part of sensitivity surreal built in mise en abyme, which, without coherence, but nevertheless really true to the spirit of the master, makes us penetrate in the imaginary creator of the artist. But also, and perhaps especially, in his mad love for Gala, who was, as we all know, first the wife of Eluard. An actor, Baptiste, Carrion-Weiss, mustache symbolic (they will), is sitting in a big arm-chair and dozed.

Dali, to better remember their dreams and paint them with gluttony, put a small spoon in his hand until it slipped from his fingers, falls loudly on a plateau of sound expertly on the ground and wakes him up. His sister watches over him, while on the other side of the theatre, to garden, to be precise, the Gala is also metaphorically stuck to his chair. They will find themselves through dreams… and never leave. Mathilde Aurier, to do this, imagining an implausible story of sequestration, without doubt, fly to the imagination of Dali.

It is original and actually quite pleasant, even if the depth of the small plateau of the théâtre de la Contrescarpe does not lend itself to dreaming. Certainly, the staging deserves more of a mystery, more of madness, more of beauty, but the show is extremely nice. The four actors play well together and seem to be enjoying themselves. It will be noted all the same, in the role of sister, Lola Blanchard, strong personality.

An approach that will not tell you much about the engineering authentic Dali (we don’t know enough that this is a great painter), but that you will touch something of his world. This is not bad!

Galatea at the Theatre de la Contrescarpe 5 rue Blainville (Ve).
Tel.: 01 42 01 81 88. Hours: of the mar. at the sam. 21 h.
Duration: 1: 15. Until the 28th of June.