In all the fields of knowledge and art, the question of transmission arises. Age and experience make you the depository of a knowledge and a know-how that should not be turn off. How to pass the torch? How to train the youth? How to teach him the secrets of a craft? In the theatre world, the question is inherent to the art itself, since it is not, a priori, to advance in knowledge, to see it deepen, to grow, to know its revolutions, as in physics or in astronomy. No. In the theatre, it resumed. One puts one’s not in those of the predecessors. It is repeated, it is repeated!

This is not Francis Huster, to the displays since September and until December 31, in Provided that it is happy at the Théâtre Antoine (Paris Xe), which would say the opposite. Comedian passed by the conservatory and the Comédie-Française, troop leader, a long time professor at the cours Florent, he was appointed to compose this book to be very …

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