Ganapolsky article Putin about the Second world war: This is a new amazing genre

Journalist, observer of “echo of Moscow” Matthew Ganapolsky article commenting on Russian President Vladimir Putin, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in world war II, said that the Russian leader attaches to this special event — the “sacred” value. According to him, the theme of the second world war is today, perhaps, “the last thing that unites the country”. The host draws the attention that the article itself was published in English — “it’s not for the Russians, I understand,” and in the publication, headed by a loyal Putin political analyst Dimitri Simes. “Now, the essence of the article — continues to host. Is a new amazing genre — article-justification. In each line, in each thesis an excuse and at the same time ill-concealed threat.” But “most beautiful”, the journalist notes, this “Soviet fairy tales” about “the voluntary integration of the Baltic States” in the USSR. “And no wonder, as soon as the USSR collapsed, the Baltic States first jumped out of the Soviet “voluntary happiness”” he added. The host also pointed to the existing article a non-existent quote of Hitler from the book, in 2010, included in the Federal list of extremist materials. Read more about the details here. “Remembering the Yalta conference, he (Putin) offers to hold a new conference with the participation of the nuclear powers of Russia, USA, UK, France and China to the attention, take advantage of the passage: “to Demonstrate a common commitment to the spirit of Alliance, high humanistic ideals and values that our fathers and grandfathers fought shoulder to shoulder”,” — said the host, Recalling that Russia is now under sanctions from the US, UK and France. “And China needs Russia as a source gas and territory,” said he, adding that this article will soon forget. Recall, an article by Vladimir Putin about the Second world war came on the eve in the American journal The National Interest. The intention to write an article about the Second world war the head of state said at a press conference in December, when answering a question on European Parliament resolution on the anniversary of the beginning of this event. In September 2019 the European Parliament adopted a resolution in which, inter alia, condemned the efforts of the Russian authorities to “whitewash the crimes committed by the Soviet totalitarian regime”.

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