Gardeners told how easy it is to get rid of snails and slugs on the plot

the Real problem for gardeners steel slugs and snails, which divorced in suburban areas of the Russians after heavy rains. These invertebrates can quickly destroy a significant number of plants. About how to deal with pests told to “Rosbalt” green thumb Irina Mashkina.

According to Makinoi, there are several ways of dealing with snails in the garden. So, you can use the “beer trap”: in places favored by the slugs, one centimeter below the surface of the earth is driven deep enough container, which is one-third filled with beer. Snail crawling on the smell of beer and fall into the trap can not escape.

you can Also provide them with shelter in damp and shaded areas — for example, from boards under which is placed a bait plant of the favorite pest of plants (cabbage or lettuce). Periodically accumulated on the inside of the boards of snails to collect. It is also useful in cloudy wet day to walk the area and collect found pests in a bucket, and then take away from the plot.

it is Important to remember that some plants invertebrates data not endure. Protection from pest will be garlic, onion, mustard, sage, and marjoram planted in the beds.

“you Can also create around the most favorite snails plants a kind of barrier that invertebrates will not be able to overcome is from sawdust, small pebbles or crushed egg shell. However, it needed private resume”, — explained Irina Mashkina.

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