This is a measurement eleven small centimetres on seven, and is therefore close to half a million euros. One of the last ten copies of the first novel of François Rabelais was sold for 490.000 euros (607.600 with the fees), announced in a press release the House Rouillac which organised the sale on Sunday at the château d’artigny, near Tours. In this book of 1542 are two major texts: Pantagruel and Gargantua . “The purchaser is a bookseller of the region,” said the Figaro the auctioneer Philippe Rouillac before launching a “Small is beautiful!”.

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This small pocket-book in letters gothic of the Sixteenth century, published in a thousand copies at Lyons by Francois Juste, is illustrated with thirty-six vignettes engraved on wood. The binding date to the Nineteenth century. It would be one of the best preserved with the one belonging to the national Library of France (BNF). In 2017, the businessman Pierre Bergé was offered at Christie’s in London on the same small book of pocket, in less good condition, 125.000 euros.

Retained in the same family for generations This copy would be one of the best preserved with the one belonging to the national Library in Paris. House Rouillac

The amazing quality of preservation of the copy sold on Sunday can be explained by its provenance. The little book belonged to the same family for generations. At a of free expertise, a man is to come with the works held by his family for a hundred years. “He told us: “I have brought for you a small book but it is so small…”,” recalls Philippe Rouillac.

“The family believed that the final price was in the former franc”

Philippe Rouillac

The date on this book, 1542, attracts the eye of the auction house that actually evaluate the book by the specialist in ancient books, Jean-Paul Veyssière. Long months of investigation are necessary to identify it. “He has managed to find that needle in the haystack. Thanks to him, the city of Châteauroux has also rediscovered a copy in his library”, welcomes Philippe Rouillac. A exceptional work that has attracted the curious during the sale and even the department of Indre-et-Loire, interested in the book, before prices soar. “The family believed that the final price was in the former franc”, has fun by the commissioner.

A bronze signed Bugatti sold for € 1 million Aymeric and Philippe Rouillac behind the bronze Bugatti, sold more than a million euros on Sunday. House Rouillac

This auction that brought together nearly 150 pieces has been punctuated by other records. A bronze of a couple of panthers signed Rembrandt Bugatti was sold to 1,364 million euros. Beating the record of sale for this series of works. In addition, the first drawing of Paul Gauguin made when the artist was 17 years old and was a student at Orleans, has gone to 80,000 euros.