Gas in Europe continues to become cheaper and

the Spot price of gas in Europe (contract delivery “next day” on the Dutch TTF) on Thursday has fallen from 19% — from $45 to $34 per thousand cubic meters, reports “Interfax”.

It is almost twice lower than on the border of Russia (Smolensk and Pskov regions), where gas costs about $60, and even cheaper than in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, that is actually “in the well”, said

According to the estimates of Interfax, profitable level of sales of gas to Europe for “Gazprom” at the level of $100 per thousand cubic meters: $13 — the cost of production, $14, tax $27 — transportation in Russia, at least $20 — transport to the target markets of Europe — a total of more than $70, and then you have to add customs duty to 30%.

Earlier it was reported that the income of “Gazprom” on gas exports fell in the I quarter of this year, more than half (51.6%) yoy to $6,81 billion, follows from the materials of the Federal customs service (FCS) of Russia.

this specifies the Department, physical export of gas in January—March decreased by 24.2% to 46.6 billion cubic meters.

Recall that in I quarter of current year “Gazprom” for the first time in its history, began to operate at a loss, counting on Russian accounting standards (RBSU), and the amount of loss amounted to 306 billion rubles, said the “Interfax”.

Issues of concern have become abnormally warm winter and the overcrowding of the European repositories, in which the company is actively pumped gas to improve the statistics for 2019. His role was played by the increase of other manufacturers in the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the European market. In the aggregate, a dramatic excess of supply over demand led to a record reduction in the cost of fuel indicated

it was Also reported that by 2020 “Gazprom” budgeted amount of $133 per thousand cubic meters with a possible drop to $70 in summer, however, the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 dealt another blow.

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