The success does not turn the head of Gauvain Sers. The troubadour of Dun-le-Palestel, who has just received a gold disc for his album The Forgotten , knows what he needs to Renaud. Because it is the latter, which in October 2016, gave him a decisive push in order to ensure the important first part of his Phoenix Tower, which was about 75 concert dates in the whole France.

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today, the time has passed but the complicity of the two men and their friendship remained intact. In a recent interview granted to our colleagues of Tv Entertainment, the minstrel creusois has delivered, with his modesty usual, the reassuring news of his legendary mentor, with whom he continues to have regular contacts on the phone or by SMS.

The many fans of Renaud, naturally worried for his violent fall in the stairs of his house early 2019, have definitely received the about comfort of Gawain with much relief, because the Creusois did not hesitate to speak with his heart: “It is someone who means a lot to me. I can’t tell you when he will come back, but it’s going rather well…”

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Since the singer has taken up with mastery The Waltz in thousand time of Jacques Brel, one of the other models of his childhood with Jean Ferrat, the admirers of the two singers are waiting with impatience that they form a duo of anthology, as soon as the state of health of Renaud authorization.

And Gawain already hopes this time. Has he not written to her pygmalion, a few weeks ago, those words vibrating about its gold record: “I know of no other artist with as wide and as generous as you. And I couldn’t send that to you first of all… Thank you again for everything, my sponsor, my poto!”

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