This is Chewbacca, who climbs into the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon while the fireworks explode in the sky. “Chewie, let the engine heat up!” launches Mark Hamill, interpreter of the famous Luke Skywalker. The Wookie has struggled to start the machine, the perfect opportunity to surprise the crowd with the appearance on scene of Harrison Ford, incorrigible Han Solo to help him. In his amusement park in Anaheim in the United States, Disney does not skimp on the means to usher in “Galaxy’s Edge”, his new space, entirely dedicated to the universe of Star Wars .

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It was highly anticipated by the public, this is now open to all the curious. Figures iconic of the saga, fireworks, and decorations to accommodate soon to delight the audience, already conquered by the reproduction in actual size of the Millenium Falcon. On the planet called Batuu, visitors will be able to carry out missions ordered by phone, drive to the famous starship of Han Solo and choose between joining the Resistance or support of the First Order.

A new way to dream

After this little introduction with much fanfare, the actors were joined on stage by George Lucas, the creator of this saga is brilliant, Billy Dee Williams, actor of Lando Calrissian, and Bob Iger, president and ceo of the Walt Disney Company. Established in 1977, the franchise Star Wars has been bought by the house with the big ears in 2012 for four billion dollars. George Lucas has strongly supported this extension project, the Disneyland park. “You have done a very good job, has he blown to Bob Iger. It is incredible, something we could not imagine twenty years ago of this.”

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On social networks, actor Mark Hamill was keen to immortalize the event to pay tribute in particular to Carrie Fischer and Peter Mayhew, interpreters of Leïa and Chewbacca for the first few episodes and died before having been able to discover this space. He also praised the quality of the main attraction, “Smugglers Run” (that one can translate by “The race of smugglers”), activity hybrid between video game and attraction that offers a trip aboard the Millennium Falcon. “After the past years to simulate a flight to its shores, the Smugglers Run of Galaxy’s Edge has been a sacred revelation!” He also thanked the fans and George Lucas, “to teach the rest of the world new ways to dream”.