Germany attacked eared jellyfish

In the Western part of the Baltic sea, from Flensburg to Kiel and Lubeck, recorded the invasion eared jellyfish. This was told by a German biologist from the research center ocean Helmholtz “GEOMAR” in Kiel Cornelia Jaspers.

According to her, the reason was the sea currents, weather conditions and wind, as jellyfish can’t swim against the current. “In some years the number of jellyfish is very high. For example, it was recorded in 1982, 2002 and now”, — said the expert, she cites RIA “Novosti”.

She added that jellyfish of this type do not pose a threat to humans. at the same time, “all poisonous jellyfish”, just this kind of “poison weak and thin tentacles are not strong enough to “break” human skin”, said the expert.