Germany tries to convince US on the issue of withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies

the German Authorities, in cooperation with other countries intend to try to persuade U.S. decision to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies, said the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas.

In a statement, Maas released by the foreign Ministry, noted that because of the decision of the US zone of application significantly reduced and its effect will weaken. Germany “with the like-minded partners” is going for six months that must pass before the decision enters into force, “work intensively” to convince the American authorities.

Maas is also called the Treaty “an important part of the architecture of arms control throughout the Northern hemisphere.” At the same time, he agreed with the criticism of Russia made by the US regarding the Treaty’s implementation, and noted that “in recent years with Russia was complicated.” However, according to the politician, it does not justify the decision of the us authorities.

Maas called on the authorities of the Russian Federation “to return to the full implementation of the agreement” and confirmed the intention of Berlin to continue to comply with the terms of the agreement, and strive to keep it.

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