“Strength and Honor!” The fighters of ancient Rome are officially back in the arena film. The studio Paramount has given the green light to Ridley Scott to start Gladiator 2 , sequel to the multi-oscar winning movie by the american filmmaker, reveals the site Deadline .

Despite his many projects, the filmmaker, currently busy with the shooting of his science fiction series Raised By Wolves , would be more than willing to direct the film. The scenario should be signed by Peter Craig, co-writer of two episodes of the saga, Hunger Games and to the writing of the next Top Gun .

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according To Deadline , the story will focus on Lucius, son of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) and nephew of Commodus, the evil emperor played by Joaquin Phoenix. Mother and son had been saved by the belligerent Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe), before the latter passed away at the end of the epic.

The film won five statuettes at the Oscars in 2001, including best actor and best film. It has also rekindled interest around the peplum in Hollywood, a genre shunned at the time by the producers in California.

As reported by the BBC, Russell Crowe had already attempted to launch a sequel to Gladiator , asking his friend and compatriot, the singer Nick Cave, to write the script. “I loved writing this movie, probably because I knew full well that he would never be shot,” said the crooner australian podcast WTF dating back to 2013.