“It is when you’re going to put glitter in my life Kevin?” will soon be a registered trademark. According to the information of the Paris , the lawyer Inès Reg filed the form from the national Institute of industrial property (Inpi). In principle protected by the copyright law, the sentence had yet been exploited by many brands. These last did not have the prior agreement of the comedian.

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“Respect for the artistic creation”

brands such as Leroy Merlin, Interflora, Kiabi, Drive E. Leclerc or Mcdonald’s were not quick to divert the famous jut for commercial purposes, without the permission of its author. Internet sites had even proposed the sale of clothing, reproducing the sentence in the same manner. “A t-shirt was in the process of creation, we stopped,” says the Paris Gwenola Malagie Toulemonde, director of marketing Bizzbee.

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the filing of the trademark should take effect in about 6 weeks. Several companies have already been put in abode so that they do not exploit the “glitter” in the meantime. The team of the new phenomenon of stand-up French ensures not be “there to make business, but to ensure the respect of the artistic creation.” After several dates in Paris at the end of the month of September, the majority of which will be sold from January next year, Inès Reg will start a tour, including several dates are also full.

The marks are, therefore, warned that if they did not take account of the existence of this trademark, the calculations might not be good…