In 2014, Gareth Edwards began the challenge to make the monster in japanese cinema, Godzilla, in its letters of nobility. Rather successful according to the critics, the return was more mixed on the audience side, and this despite a cast quite remarkable. Five years later, Michael Dougherty decided to propose, not yet another reboot, but to take the reins for a second component. It is separated from the part of the actors (Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen), has kept other (Ken Watanabe, Sally Hawkins), and greatly reduces the team of screenwriters to help write this sequel. The result is without appeal: far from wanting to re-invent the genre, Godzilla II made with splendor, an update of its many codes. And by the way, dazzles without restraint.

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In this new installment, Godzilla is gigantic, his enemies even more titanic. Is not the king of the monsters who wants to, and the battle for the throne will not be without sacrifice. The one for the safeguarding of humanity. On one side, a group of terrorists ecological seeks to awaken all the monsters asleep – there are at least ten-seven across the globe – in the hope of restoring a natural order on Earth. On the other, Russell has lost a son and Godzilla is for something. Survivors, two parents confront each other on the ideological level. While the agency Monarch firmly believes that only Godzilla can save the world from the apocalypse that is coming, the young Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown) discovers that monsters are not always those who have the traits.

The film part on databases, views and reviews. The threat of terrorism, ecological – in the heart of the legend of Godzilla – is indicative of a turning point in popular concerns. It also remembers the trilogy the Matrix , well ahead of its time when it left its agent Smith declare that “humans are a contagious disease, the cancer of this planet”. Nevertheless, the development of the relationship between Godzilla and the humans surprised by its quality. That will be the toy of the other? The answer will wait, a winged dragon with three heads capable of triggering lightning is trying to establish itself as a supreme grand master of the Earth.

Man vs. Wild grandeur nature

Bear Grylls only has to hold up. In this Man vs. Wild grandeur of nature, the fate of humanity depends both on the nuclear capabilities of Godzilla on the team led by Kyle Chandler. Yet it is not he, who shines the most on the screen. If it does not appear as often as we would have liked, the young Millie Bobby Brown, found in the series Stranger Things , was successful in his film debut. To convey multiple emotions in a look, the girl knows how to do it. After all, the big monsters terrifying the SciFi, she already knows. Godzilla II also marks the reunion between Ken Watanabe and Zhang Ziyi on the screen, thirteen years after Memoirs of a geisha . As charismatic as touching in their individual interpretations, they also bring a sensitivity welcome in this blockbuster special-effects-crashing.

this is the main reason to run to see this film at the cinema, instead of waiting to be able to look at quietly on the sofa. The quality of the animation of the monsters in the fights as to the rest, enough to place this film in the head of the most beautiful productions of the year. It will be even difficult to accept in the future, other feature-length films less cared for than this one. That the studios DC take the seed: in comparison, the critters demonic Shazam! are really difficult to see. Here, each plane is polished, refined with care. Godzilla scares, but Godzilla moves. In this introductory film to a whole multitude of gods prehistoric Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah fascinate by their singularity.

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A downside, however. For a film that lasts already more than two hours, Godzilla II does not find the time to develop some characters and a few shadows of its history. The talents of actor Charles Dance would have to be a little more exploited, and a few shortcuts narrative to be avoided. However, the many twists and turns, amplified by an original soundtrack remarkable, will delight the audience. Notice to viewers: borrowing from Marvel one of his old habits, a scene post-generic tease for a third installment already announced for 2020.