The promise of living a musical experience that is unexpected and surprising, it is sometimes necessary to entice the musicians that are authentic. The Blue Note Lab surfs on this idea: no fixed date, not predefined, but opportunities, appointments, (almost improvised) when schedules allow.

This leads to posters who do not lack interest, as the meeting of Tony Allen, drummer of remarkable, one of the fathers of afrobeat from nigeria and Jeff Mills, and DJ grand master of the techno made in Detroit. The two men have already played together. Their collaboration has even led to an album, Tomorrow Comes the Harvest (Blue note), in which the record must be hard to find a place in their tank… Between jazz, fusion and techno, electro and afrobeat, the testing of Tony Allen and Jeff Mills opens up on other continents, which would require the invention of a hyperonyme.

Ditto for the music of Gogo Penguin. This trio from Manchester merges since 2012’s rock and jazz, minimalist music and the electro acoustic mood music movie. Their music has caught the ear of many jazz fans. But it has annoyed a lot of other, more purists, especially when Gogo Penguin joined the stable reference Blue Note. More reason to try on pieces?

Cicada 120, bd de Rochechouart (Xviii).
Tel.: 01 49 25 89 99.
Date: on 10 dec. at 19: 30.
Up: 38,20 €.