This wealth manager at CBP Quilvest was indicted on July 19 for aggravated money laundering of aggravated tax evasion between 2008 and 2011, according to the same sources, increasing the number of people indicted in this case to seven.

This employee “very strongly disputes the facts”, reacted his lawyer Charlotte Plantin. “He considers that he complied with the regulations in force at the time and was absolutely unaware of the source of the funds,” she assured AFP.

Another private bank name appears in this file: Edmond de Rothschild. CBP Quilvest and Rothschild have not been interviewed at this stage, according to a close source.

Mrs. Ceccaldi-Raynaud is notably accused of having transferred to her daughter undeclared funds on an account in Luxembourg, including 102 gold bars worth 2 million euros at the time and nearly 865,000 euros in liquid.

According to the former deputy and mayor LR, who disputes the facts, these ingots came from an inheritance from her Corsican grandmother.

She was indicted in December 2020 for laundering aggravated tax fraud and placed under judicial supervision.

His children, Vincent Franchi and Emilie Franchi, his son-in-law Vincent Laviec, Olivier Ben Sadoun, former sports director at the town hall of Puteaux, and Didier Ben Sadoun, account manager during the events, were indicted between April and August last .

They are all suspected of laundering tax evasion, some with aggravating circumstances. Emilie Franchi and her husband Vincent Laviec were also indicted in April for tax evasion committed around the 2010s.

Emilie Franchi, Vincent Laviec and Vincent Franchi vigorously contest the charges.

The Ben Sadoun brothers are “embarked on this affair” only because they “intervened within the framework of their professional duties”, their lawyer, Me Jean-Yves Le Borgne, told AFP on Friday.

It was the father of Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud who had reported this famous account to justice in 2008: Charles Ceccaldi-Raynaud, mayor of Puteaux for thirty-five years, former parliamentarian, who died in 2019.

Indicted in 2007 in a vast investigation for corruption, he was suspected of being the beneficiary of an allegedly rigged boiler room contract in the La Défense business district.

In 2008, he reported a hidden account in Luxembourg of his daughter, suggesting it may contain bribes linked to the boiler room. The two were then in conflict for the town hall.