Golikova acknowledged that the average Russian salary is not enough

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova considers a small annual income of Russians get the national average salary.

the program “Posner” on channel one speaker called this theme “very complex” because in different regions the level of wages is very different. “If I remember correctly, 47 thousand rubles — the average salary in Russia, which includes Moscow. If 47 thousand times 12 months is a lot? It is a little,” admitted Golikova

according to TASS, according to Rosstat, the average nominal salary in Russia last year amounted to 47 867 thousand rubles, and the first quarter of this year — 48 thousand 390 roubles.

Also Golikova said that, according to the NRF, the number of Russians with a “very high” salaries — a small. According to her, Rosstat calculated that last year more than 100 thousand rubles per month received only 7.1% of workers, including 6.3% of the salary was less than 250 thousand rubles.

when asked Posner about the chances of raising the personal income tax, Golikova said that you always have to think “about the fairness to our people,” and that “discussed a lot of approaches.”

earlier, the Forbes reported citing its sources that the government during the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, went back to discuss the possibility of increasing tax fees with the rich. According to the publication, as one of the options allegedly considered the introduction of a progressive scale of tax on income of physical persons, in particular personal income tax rate of 15% for those whose incomes are more than 2-3 million rubles a year.

In a press-service of the government reported that it did not discuss the introduction of increased personal income tax rate for individuals with high income. The Federation Council has suggested that for people with low incomes the pit rate should be reduced to zero. In turn, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the decision to change the personal income tax rate onka is not accepted, it will increase for wealthy Russians — one of the proposals discussed at expert level.

Recall that in March, Russian President Vladimir Putin led world Bank data, according to assessment technique, which, more than 70% of Russian citizens belong to the middle class. According to him, according to the methodology of the world Bank, the middle class includes people whose income is one and a half times the minimum wage.

“we Have such a lot, surely more than 70%,” — said the head of state, Recalling that the average salary in Russia is higher than the minimum wage, which was in 2019 11,28 thousand rubles.

“It (the middle class) we have, our task is only is to strengthen the middle class and increase income,” — said Putin.

at the end of January Golikova announced data showing that the poverty line live in Russia more than 18 million people, most of them (70-80%) are families with children. She referred to the “experts”, noting that the poverty data date back to 2018.

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