Gondola in Venice became crowded because of the fat tourists

Coronavirus quarantine has not spared anyone, neither the workers in the field of tourism, no figures of their clients. It is already felt in the Italian city of Venice, which reopened to guests and encountered difficulties.

according to the Guardian, the Venetian gondoliers can now carry fewer tourists, but this is not associated with the sanitary requirements.

the Number of seats in private boats from July 21 was reduced from six to five, and in the boats-ferries — from 14 to 12. The main reason for this is called the fact that tourists very swollen during the forced isolation.

This information was confirmed by the President of the Association of gondoliers of Venice, Andrea Balbi, noting that gondoliers is not possible to weigh each passenger. It is necessary to take care over that the boat sank while walking.

Previously, the Veneto region in Italy has announced that it is ready to receive tourists, as the epidemic of the coronavirus began to decline.

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