From 2016, Google worked in collaboration with the national museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro to give a virtual existence on the Google app Arts & Culture. They did not know that this work will take on a dimension of miraculous after the tragic fire that ruined the 2 September the national Museum of Rio and 18 million pieces. Chance Coughenour, the head of Google, announced the news of its launch on 13 December on the official blog of the giant of the Net.

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The federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the ministry of national Education are also part of this project, which allows movement in the halls of the museum with the navigation service Street View. And admire 164 pieces, including some of the treasures of brazilian archeology, paleontology, or zoology.

The masterpieces of the museum have the benefit of pages of information are dedicated. Among them, the skeleton of a Maxakalisaurus, a dinosaur of 13 metres, old-80 million years ago. It can also fall on the meteorite Bendegô. Found in 1784 by a child gone in search of a calf is lost, it is the largest ever found in Brazil and weighs over five tons. Thanks to its physical properties, it is one of the only vestiges that has not disappeared in the flames. Luiza, the oldest fossil human found in the country, dating from the upper Palaeolithic, has also been reconstituted. On the website, eight exhibits, from ancient Egypt to the splendours of native american cultures, some aspects of the old collections of the national museum.

“new technologies, such as high resolution photography, photogrammetry [the development of images in volume from photos, editor’s note] and 3D laser scanners, virtual and augmented reality, we are helping to preserve one of the precious heritages of the planet,” says Chance Coughenour. In 2015, he had created another student, a virtual museum, a collaborative that lists the works of the museum of Mosul, threatened by the jihadists of the islamic State.

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A compensation meager but necessary to the disaster caused by the fire of the brazilian institution. She had aroused anger and indignation in the country and abroad. The museum of Rio has just received a donation of 180,000 euros from the German government. It will provide a million euros to assist in the purchase of equipment necessary for the restoration of some of the objects escaped from the flames. The researchers hope to be able to save 1.500.