Gordon said Solovyov, who called the Ukrainian journalist

Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon responded to the statement of the Russian TV host Vladimir Solovyov, who earlier in the broadcast channel “Russia 1” has compared Gordon to Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher and called him “Nazi scum”. In conversation with the newspaper “the Interlocutor of” the Ukrainian journalist said he knew about the statement Solovyov and even posted his response on YouTube. On the question of whether he wants to continue the verbal fight with Vladimir Solovyov, or intends to submit it to the court, Gordon said, “I assume that: let him speak”. When a man like Solovyov, “talking about me, so I’m a good person, it is a marker,” says Gordon. According to the journalist, Soloviev, “definitely an interesting man,” “he master”. “I’m a fair man, and always pay tribute to someone else’s talent. He is very talented: I don’t know anyone else who might be day-to-day to stand for several hours on my feet in paramilitary fatigues and with a serious expression in Prime-time heart-rending to pour Ukraine and Ukrainians. This requires talent, of course — said Gordon. — He’s the cleverest man, and I say this without a trick. He is clever. He’s just another bastard and scum. It happens.” Gordon also said that Solovyov deep Western man that “just makes money”. We add that the Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon after the interview with Natalia Poklonskaya and Dmitry Girkin-Strelkov appealed to Vladimir Putin with the offer on the conversation. However, the Russian TV channel “Russia 1” called the Ukrainian journalist “amazing creation” and declared that would never agree with him for an interview. He also showed two photographs: a portrait of Gordon and the editor of the newspaper “Attack”, released in Nazi Germany, Julius Streicher. The latter, according the words of Solovyov, was the chief propagandist of Nazi ideas, which closely cooperated with the secret services. “The fact that Gordon wants to interview me, the same nonsense, as if Streicher called Levitan during the great Patriotic war and tried to interview him. We are the successors of Levitan, and you “Nazi scum”, is the heir of Streicher. And never confuse” — said Solovyov. Meanwhile it not the first conflict between Solovyov and Gordon. Last year, the Ukrainian journalist Solovyov accused of spreading propaganda. He called the offender a villain and scoundrel. Recently Soloviev managed to quarreling with their Russian counterparts. So, social networking has for several weeks been watching the verbal duel between him and sports commentator Vasily Utkin (you can read here and here). And today it was reported that Soloviev was attacked with insults on former Soviet propagandist Vladimir Pozner.

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