● The roman Goscinny, birth a Gaul, Catel


In the wake of the superb retrospective organized by the museum of art and history of judaism in 2018, Anne Goscinny, and Catel offer an exciting dive into the life of a man who was one of the greatest writers of the ninth art, René Goscinny.

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From its birth to the creation of Asterix, which this year celebrates its sixty years, through his years of struggling in the United States, the book traces the journey of the son of jewish emigrants from Poland and the Ukraine, born in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, in 1926. A journey drenched in cosmopolitanism, of a liberal education within a loving family, dating uplifting, from an inordinate love of the language and above all, an extraordinary appetite for humor. A potting mix that has shaped the genius of René Goscinny. A first book moving and exhilarating to be relayed by the graphic delicate of Catel.

Editions Grasset, 24 €

Chaplin in America , Laurent Seksik and David Francis

Rue de Sèvres

“Hi America! I am come to conquer! It is not a woman, a man, a child, who will not have my name on his lips!” predicted the Charlie Chaplin of Laurent Seksik and David Francis, upon his arrival in New York. Chaplin in America , the first part of the triptych that he spend the two authors plunges the reader into the flamboyance of a Charlot in the making. Animated to a steadfast assurance and desire for success, this seductive inveterate goes through all the throes of the bohemian lifestyle without batting an eyelid. Debut poor decried by the press, rejection from the local population who do not support the English, in contempt of the filmmakers… Nothing will bend the icon to the round hat. Under the trait and energetic air of David Francois, Charlot is a force which will.

Editions Rue de Sèvres, 17 euro

Voltaire, the cult of irony , Jean-Michel Beuriot and Philippe Richelle


Voltaire and his fight against obscurantism, his spirit bitter, his impudence, his path strewn with pitfalls… The tandem Jean-Michel Beuriot and Philippe Richelle book a tasty portrait of this great figure of the Enlightenment. Inspired by actual events, this free adaptation lies in 1765, at the château of Ferney. The philosopher goes the old tranquil days and receives his biographer to evoke the defining moments of his life. His childhood with the Jesuits, his friendships, depraved, his exile in England, his embastillement at the age of 23, his love, it is a book without frills. The case of the Knight of The Bar unfairly executed breaks this foray into the past and forcing Voltaire to resume the pen in order to write one of his terrible pamphlets that have finished entering the philosopher in the story. A reading is both exciting and edifying wonderfully served by the watercolors delicate of Jean-Michel Beuriot.

Casterman Editions, € 20

● Zola , Méliane Marcaggi and Alice Chemama


“Behind every great man lies a woman”, says the proverb. The Zola signed by the tandem female Melanie Marcaggi and Alice Chemama does not say anything else. The book recalls the years that preceded the resounding success of the work of the leader of the naturalists. We are in 1864, the young Émile Zola, 24 years old, still lives with his mother and divided his time between his friends, the impressionist painters, his work at Hachette and the entry to which it dedicates too little time. Until his encounter with the effervescent Gabrielle, whose real name is Alexandrine. The couple is close and allows the future writer to break free of the grip of his mother. And write finally in freedom. As for Gabrielle, only one thing matters, that his man to become the writer that he dreams of being. A dive intimate in the couple’s Zola supported by the superb graphics of Alice Chemama.

Editions Dargaud, € 19.99

● Tom Thomson sketches of spring , Sandrine Revel


Sandrine Revel evokes the journey mysterious canadian painter Tom Thomson, drowned to death in disorders circumstances, in 1917. Known to have revolutionized the representation of nature in painting, the artist has disappeared by the time he was elected to the reputation. The story of Sandrine Revel is forty years after his death, when one of his friends goes in search of his body, decided to unravel the mystery of his disappearance. Between return on the painter’s life and the police investigation, Tom Thomson sketches of spring , takes the reader on gorgeous canadian landscapes to the fore by the stroke subtle of the artist. His work has the merit to discover the fascinating universe of a painter in life, too fleeting.

Dargaud, 21 €