Pierre Guillois, Agatha The Huillier and Olivier Martin-Salvan are on the kneecaps. The price of success. The buggers did not come back for the triumph of God , Molière, comedy in 2017. So, back to the Théâtre du Rond-Point, they play the show in alternation with Eleonore Auzou-Connes, Bruno Fleury and Jonathan Pinto-Rocha.

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regardless of the distribution, the silhouettes don’t change. There is a big, a skinny and a girl, neither fat nor skinny. In fact, it’s about what God ? It does not speak. This is theatre without words, but a sound (it has sound effects) or of the theatre body, even if, as like the specialist of laughter Jos Houben, one has never seen an actor go on stage without his body. That means that the trio is not penguin. As this is funny, it’s called the burlesque.

The three clowns without red noses are neighbours of level. The decor of a building by cutting shows in their apartment as big as a broom cupboard (the housing crisis) and their daily lives, not sad, in spite of their extreme loneliness. To the “Immovable feast” or “Feast of neighbors”, it will be necessary to iron it. Everyone does as he can with his small existence. It looks like Tati. A Tati who would not be afraid of bad taste – to see the face mask excrémentiel. It is pretty darn fun.

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