Governor of the Vologda region:

In Cherepovets today was prolonged the agreement between large, medium and small businesses in the framework of the project “synergy growth.” The document was signed by the Governor of the Vologda region Oleg Kuvshinnikov, Director of ANO “Agency of City Development” Oksana Andreeva, General Director of JSC “Apatite” (Group “FosAgro”) Alexander hilgenberg and General Manager of division “Severstal Russian steel” Evgenie Vinogradov.

the head of the region noted the necessity of cooperation of the enterprises of different scale for economic development of the Vologda region in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus. According to him, thanks to the active assistance of the largest companies in the region to cope with a difficult situation.

“Cherepovets chemists, on the one hand, provide local farmers with fertilizers, to increase production in the first half, almost 7% of deliveries to the Russian market by 11.2%. On the other — the regional budget has been supplemented with taxes, we are implementing joint social projects of the government of the region and PhosAgro. The time taken in production “FosAgro” comprehensive preventive measures has helped the company prevent outbreaks of disease among employees and ensure a stable epidemic situation in all cities,” — said Kuvshinnikov.

the Governor expressed satisfaction with the fact that in the Vologda oblast, the Ministry of economic development forecasts a drop in production volumes and the decline in the gross domestic product did not materialize. An example of the results of production activities “FosAgro”.

“At the end of the first half of the company “FosAgro” in the context of a pandemic in the difficult economic situation, revealed the unique production results, — said Oleg Kuvshinnikov, — Thanks to the Cherepovets production complex JSC “Apatite” has not stopped working even for a minute did not stop the production of fertilizers, the farmers of the area, country, world in time spent sowing campaign. This means that without food we will not stay. Also PhosAgro during pandemic is actively helping medical institutions, welfare funds and businesses of small and medium business in the area of catering this support helped them to stay afloat”.

Previously, “FosAgro” was organized by the nutrition for health professionals working with sick COVID-19. On this project the company has allocated 6.9 million rubles. In the preparation of hot meals involved several of the city’s cafes and restaurants, whose activities were suspended due to a pandemic.

to continue to help the business of the Vologda region “FosAgro” plans in the framework of the “Synergy growth.” The JSC “Apatit” is a participant in the project since its launch in 2014.

“We’re lucky in Cherepovets there are such a large company, which help the city to actively develop, — said the mayor of the city Vadim Germanov. Together large enterprises, small and medium businesses are employers approximately 75% of the Almaz. Of course, today signed an agreement on cooperation between big business, medium and small enterprises is important for everyone. It is convenient to large companies — suppliers are always nearby. And, clearly, this is a very large preference for small and medium enterprises”.

“Our position coincides with the position of the regional authorities. Backbone organizations working in the region, should stimulate the economic growth of its partners from small and medium business, — said General Director of JSC “Apatite” Alexander Gilgenberg. — In the project “synergy of growth” much attention is paid to procurement of goods and services in the local market. We will assist in increasing the volume of purchases of JSC “Apatite” commodity-material assets of small and medium business in the region up to 40%”.