Governor: To remove the restrictions in St. Petersburg no prerequisites

In St. Petersburg there is a downward trend in the incidence of COVID-19. About it at session of working group of RF state Council on combating the spread of coronavirus, said the Governor Alexander Beglov. In this regard, he said, until may 31, the city will be saved, almost all the prohibitions.

“To go to the lifting of restrictive measures in the city should be free at least 50% of the needs in the infectious diseases beds. In St. Petersburg now free 11%”, — said the head of Petersburg.

Beglov spoke about some of the indicators that have been achieved. So, since March, the number of beds has increased eight — fold to 9028. It is planned to organize another 1,250 people in hospitals.

“the city is intensively tested by PCR (polymerase chain reaction — “Rosbalt”). On may 21, coverage amounted to 239,5 test on 100 thousand population. Since March 1 COVID-19 surveyed 524 thousand 834. Coverage in St. Petersburg, 4 times more the norm,” — said the press service.

According to the latest data, in St. Petersburg has registered 12 thousand 592 cases COVID-19, died 107.

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