Graduates of the St. Petersburg state University published an open letter against sexism and harassment in high school

Graduates of the St. Petersburg state University spoke in support of the students, alleging sexism and harassment at MSU. An open letter published on the website

As the authors note, malpractice and psychological pressure is inherent not only to the capital Philology.

“We, the graduates of SPbGU and concerned citizens, want to Express solidarity with the Moscow-minded and consider all manifestations of harassment in the University environment and sexual relationships between teachers and students are unacceptable, harming the educational and scientific process, and as contrary to academic ethics, and professional interests,” the letter.

the authors of the petition in favor of open discussion and the development of legal mechanisms. As evidence of the problem is the example of the murder of PhD student Anastasia Yeshchenko ex-teacher of St. Petersburg state University, Oleg Sokolov.

“the high-profile crime is directly connected with the issue, because, as it happens, the relationship Sokolova with students at the faculty has long been known, but no action was taken. To date, the unspoken rule in the University, it seems, is that sexual relationships between teachers and students is the private lives of two people, which seems to be located outside the professional University life,” — said in an open letter.

the Signatories need to recognize the problem, to amend the Code of the University SPSU restrictions on communication between students and teachers, to strengthen gender equality and more. During the day the petition was signed by about 200 people.

In mid-may, the journal DOXA issued a similar letter to the students of MSU. The publication reported about the harassment from the professors to the students of the faculty of Philology.

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