America would have found its new Taylor Swift? Nearly ten years after the feat of the latter to give a country album Grammy award for album of the year, Kacey Musgraves manages to turn back the folk in north america at the taste of the day.

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The singer, 30-year-old has won the coveted award of album of the year. Rapper Kendrick Lamar is, therefore, left without the prize, named for the fourth time in this category – and never won-, as well as Drake, the other main named of the evening. She was also preceded Cardi B, Janelle Monae and Brandi Carlile in an edition of the Grammys, where women have made a comeback after having been curiously snobées last year, in full-motion #MeToo. She is also left with the award of best country song for Space Cowboy , the best performance country solo for his title Butterflies and best country album for Golden Hour released in march, for which she had nevertheless taken care to introduce a few elements of psychedelics to expand his audience. The four rewards that only Taylor Swift could bring to the country in 2010, with his album Fearless and his song White Horse .

Taylor Swift: rival, sister or both?

If Kacey Musgraves is unknown in France, Taylor Swift is the american scene for a few years already. She had taken the world of the country by surprise with his hit Merry Go Round and its the same old song to the banjo, winning the Grammy in 2014. She was then placed in the main rival of the singer of Ready For It , which was already starting with his album Red to turn towards sounds that are less conventional of the american folk music. The latter now owned by a different edge music, the way was fully cleared for Kacey Musgrave, released at the passage of this rivalry that had then loaned out.

Regarded as as a revolutionary among the amateurs, usually very traditional in their approach to country music, Kacey Musgraves celebrates the tolerance in his songs. A choice that earned him the qualification of “symbol of the young country musicians progressive” by the magazine Rolling Stone . She even admitted to have composed several of the songs from Golden Hour during a summer spent experimenting with LSD (a powerful drug), and use is also open to the elements disco and even a “vocoder”, a sort of voice synthesizer extremely popular with pop artists or rap.

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Then he was accused of throwing spades to Taylor Swift in his song Good Ol’ Boys Club in 2015 and have signed with the Big label Machine and produced the pop album 1989 , the new face country of the United States had already insisted on the fact of nothing to envy to his sister. “I’d rather have a small number [of fans] that truly love what I do, she said so in the magazine Fader , that have a massive amount of people who don’t really know what I am doing.” In 2019, Kacey Musgraves rejuvenates the country and Taylor Swift is shunned by the Grammy.