His presence was expected by his fans, worried since his hospitalization at the end of September for a course withdrawal. On Monday night, it is a Renaud tired, who appeared in Paris, in the salle Pleyel. The singer, aged 66, received the special Grand prix 2018 of the Sacem (Society of authors, composers and publishers of music). In the form of a motorcycle, the gravelly voice, and eyes hidden behind sunglasses, the interpreter of the Mistral Winner , remained a few minutes on stage, without singing.

“Without the Sacem, we would be nothing, or almost nothing, of the yellow vests,” said the winner of this new edition, which received the prize from the hands of his twin brother, David Séchan. “Sacem is our nurturing parent, our common home that we love and that the one stands for. (…) A house of records, it changes. An agent, it changes, but a Sacem, there never will be”, he added before leaving the scene.

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internet users have expressed their concern after the appearance of the singer, visibly tired. “Struggling to express themselves. It hurts to see and hear”, has shared a user of Twitter. “It is good to review Renaud even if it is not in great shape,” tweeted another.

If “Mister Fox” has not sung, the spectators were able to attend the resumption of the title of his last album, words by Vincent Dedienne. Released in 2016, this final disc had sold over 800,000 copies and was followed by a tour. Renaud had been celebrated artist male singer of the year at the Victoires de la musique the following year. Hospitalized in September for withdrawal treatment, the singer returned to work on a new album of songs for children.