In the district of Märkisch-oderland, in Brandenburg the police Recently made big eyes. In the case of a laser control to an alley, the officers caught a driver that was as much as 75 km/h too fast.

fines, points, & co.: These penalties were the speeder-grandma-imposed

As she waved to the driver from the traffic, the Surprise was even bigger: A 80-Year old lady was sitting at the wheel of the VW Golf and said their performance only with the statement that they had it in a hurry.

So in a hurry, obviously, that she was caught with 155 km/h in a Zone that is actually only 80 km/h are allowed. Now the older woman threaten to ban a hefty fine of at least 960 euros and two points in Flensburg and a three-month drive, as the Online Portal Tonight writes.

life-long driving ban? Motorcycle racer with 168 km/h caught – instead of the allowed 80.