Orelsan, Renaud, Angela, Indochina: they will all be present this evening at the salle Pleyel. For the past 12 years, the Society of authors, composers and publishers of music (Sacem) distributes each year to its price to creative professionals, all genres and all generations. A ceremony that does not seek to highlight those who are the rest of the year. The top Sacem makes it a point of honor to promote all creators: composers, publishers, comedians…

As such, alongside the artists, stars of music, the director, Michel Gondry, the humorist Jerome Commandeur, the label Because (Chris, Björk, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Major Lazer…) or even the composer of Pierre-Dominique Burgaud, who wrote especially for Johnny Hallyday, Alain Chamfort, or Sylvie Vartan, will be also rewarded with a statuette.

last year, Isabelle Carré had conducted the ceremony of a master hand in the decorating of the skits the quality of which contrasted sharply with the tone often lourdingue of certain awards of “most popular”. This year, it is the humorist Vincent Dedienne that provides the service.

Here are the winners who will be rewarded this evening:

Price Francis Lemarque of revelation: Angele

Prix Rolf Marbot for song of the year: “Basic” – Orelsan

Grand Prize for French song (creator): Pierre-Dominique Burgaud

Grand Prize of the SDRM: “chocolate” – the Artist

Grand prix of humor: Jérôme Commandeur

Grand Prix of the electronic music: Etienne de Crecy

Grand Prize of music publishing: Michel Duval – Because Editions

Grand Prix of the author-director of the audiovisual: Michel Gondry

Grand Prix du repertoire Sacem export: Imany

Grand prize of urban music: Mc Solaar

Grand prize of the directory the young audience: Pascal Parisot

Special Price Sacem: Renaud

Grand Prize for symphony music (young composer): Colin Roche

Grand Prize of the music for the image: Philippe Rombi

Grand Prix world music: Calypso Rose

Price of the international work of the year: “Shape of You” – Ed Sheeran

Grand Prize for symphony music (career): Philippe Schoeller

Grand Prize for French song (creator-performer): Nicola Sirkis – Indochine

Grand Prix du jazz: Laurent de Wilde