“Who is looking for the connection to the future, the Telekom in the best of hands. A conversation with our specialist consultants is worth it, in order to inform about the different possibilities,” recommends Saturn, the managing Director of Helmut Altmann. Three packages are in the focus: MagentaTV, MagentaTV satellite and Magenta SmartHome.

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MagentaTV and MagentaTV Sat

television is one of the most popular leisure activities of the Germans. However, the TV behavior is changing. Certain formats are to real Events. Take this into account, the TV offers MagentaTV and MagentaTV satellite of the Deutsche Telekom. Numerous comfort features enhance the experience of community: Rings around the Pizza-Delivery guy, can’t you stop the running program is quite simple and after the meal, at the same point look. Or you can use the time-shifted broadcast that is in many broadcasts for up to seven days available*. MagentaTV offers a selection of around 100 channels, including about 20 in HD, and in addition numerous content on-demand in libraries and video stores, including free exclusive series, and an attractive sports program from football, Basketball and hockey.

more program MagentaTV satellite, the combination of a satellite – and Internet-based television. Here, the advantages are bundled in both techniques. For the best in entertainment with a selection of approximately 300 channels, including over 40 in HD. Also sports Events such as ice hockey, Basketball, and games of the 3. Bundesliga belong to this package. Built-in media libraries and Streaming providers furthermore provide an even greater selection.

Magenta SmartHome

No future in music, but has long been feasible, the transformation of the home into a comfortable Smart Home according to individual Wishes. The home automation system Magenta SmartHome allows for the Integration of the various devices and their practical control with the phone. Lighting, heating, alarm system, sound system – even the coffee maker can digital programming. When you Wake up, for example, in the morning, increases the fresh coffee aroma in the nose, and from the speakers, the favorite music can be heard. If you are at work or on vacation, you can enjoy the good feeling, that at home everything is in order and you are immediately notified if something is wrong. Thanks to the constantly growing number of device selection, there are almost infinite ways to make his apartment smarter. How this works in detail, the experts in all of the Saturn stores in Munich and Freising.

* play 7-day Replay: The function broadcasts up to seven days after broadcast (7-day Replay), not available for all stations and all broadcasts.

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