● Green Book: on the roads of the South , drama, Peter Farrelly, 2h10

1962. Bouncer of nightclub in unemployment, Tony Lip (Viggo Mortensen), is hired as a chauffeur by a pianist in black, Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali), who is preparing a tour in the southern United States. If the Green Book , this guide is supposed to avoid the traps for people of color during the trip, will not be sufficient to avoid the prevailing racism, a strange friendship is born between the musician and refined his brute of a driver.

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This dive in hostile territory displays a classicism without fault, one side is liberal and old-fashioned, which delights the heart and eye. Tony manages to overcome his prejudices, Don Shirley, his ways. This film authentic signed Peter Farrely gives evidence that racism is soluble in the friendship. Mahershala Ali, oscar winner for Moonlight , gives the replicates with brio to Viggo Mortensen.

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● The Mule , a drama starring Clint Eastwood, 1h56

At 88 years old, Clint Eastwood, a veteran of the Korean war, is a horticulturist in bankruptcy to that of a cartel, the mexican made an offer in gold: ride from El Paso to Chicago. The proposal is accompanied by a detail: do not look at what may be contained in the nylon bags. Unmanageable, his bosses are worried. And the police begin its investigation.

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Clint Eastwood is a piece of America. The watch at the wheel is a spectacle in itself. It gives details of its wrinkles as it admirerait the landscapes of Monument Valley, with the impression of may be to contemplate for the last time. The script moves forward at a peaceful rhythm and not looking for Medellin to fourteen hours. With a particular scent, the one of regret.

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Another day of life animation by Raul de la Fuente and Damian Nenow, 1h26

This adaptation of the book From one war to the other , the great reporter, Ryszard Kapuscinski, shows the journalist Polish in the capital Luanda (Angola) in the midst of civil war. Mixing 3D, motion shots, and shots that are real, this essential film plunges into the heart of the horror of war and questions the boundaries of the profession.

You can see

● A shepherd and two perched at the Elysée palace? , documentary by Pierre Carles and Philippe Lespinasse, 1h40

Pierre Carles and Philippe Lespinasse recount their own experience of political advisers of Jean Lassalle during the presidential campaign of 2017. A documentary fun on the elected béarn, but the political interest is modest.

● The Hate U Give , drama from George Tillman Jr., 2h13

In the neighbourhood of the fictional Garden Heights plagued by drugs and petty crime, punctuated by gang wars and police raids, it is the destiny of the Blacks to make them stop. One night, Starr (Amandla Stenberg), Afro-American, 16 years old, is arrested with her ex-boyfriend Khalil. Disembarked from his car, the latter leans over the car door to retrieve a brush. The officer sees a weapon and shoots.

Spent the first ten minutes, the teen movie gives way to a drama. The Hate U Give is the negative image of America is segregated. Oscar Grant, Mike Brown, Treyvon Martin: the list of deaths caused by white police officers is long. The film by George Tillman Jr. is a mirror sometimes binary and magnifies the traits, but it has the virtue of showing the painful truth.

● The College of physicians , the drama of David Roux, 1h33

We first follow and hold Simon (Jérémie Renier), a specialist in rigorous, absorbed by his job. The family is seeping into the table with the arrival of the mother, Mathilde (Marthe Keller), hospitalized in a unit nearby.

The drama is at the join of the action of professional and emotional life, when the practitioner leaves little by little invaded by the emotion of the suffering that suddenly becomes the features of a beloved face. David Roux has opted for brief sequences, accurate but a little conventional. And when he leaves the medical point of view to the human point of view, the film keeps an eye clinic, too sec.


Continue , a drama by Joachim Lafosse, 1: 24

to be closer To his son (Kacey Mottet Klein), Sybille (Virginie Efira) the take a hike on horseback in Kyrgyzstan. Taken from the book of Laurent Mauvignier, this movie endless barely move.

Yao , a comedy by Philippe Godeau, 1h44

The story of a famous actor (Omar Sy) who returns to his native country with a young admirer (Lionel Low). Good feelings and above all a perfect tourist brochure of Senegal.

Alien crystal Palace , fantastic, Arielle Dombasle, 1h37

For kitsch, this is kitsch. You’re likely to see Jean-Pierre Léaud in the egyptian God, Michel Fau in mad scientist. After, musician camé, director mad of his body, and crime and detective, esoteric to two balls and coucheries artistic for luxury magazine. Guaranteed all-in-toc.